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Aluminum Repair Stations

New Aluminum-Alloy vehicles are coming and repairing them requires specialized equipment and isolation from other repair stations.  BCI has all of the equipment that you'll need to put together a complete aluminum repair station for your facility.  From Isolation Stations to Welding Equipment to Fume Extraction, BCI is your one stop shop for all of the aluminum repair equipment that you'll need.  We can even put together a special Aluminum Repair Station just for you!  Ask about complete Aluminum Repair Station Packages.  All equipment has been approved by Ford Motor Company for the repair of the new F150 aluminum alloy vehicles.


Aluminum Repair Equipment

Aluminum Isolation Stations

  • Aluminum Repair Isolation Bay
  • Aluminum Repair Station including light fixtures
  • Aluminum Repair Station Plus with Exhaust Filter Isolation Doors and Semi-downdraft airflow

Aluminum Welding & Dent Pulling

  • MIG Welder
  • Aluminum Dent Pulling Station
  • Plasma Cutters
  • Riveting Tools
  • Aluminum Welder

Vacuum Systems & Fume Extraction

  • Portable Fume Extraction
  • Rollout Fume Extraction
  • Wet Sand Vacuum Systems

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