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Spray Booth Maintenance Leads to Cleaner Work


Maintenance of Spray Booths -
"It's the Law"

According to OSHA and NFPA, spray booths must be properly maintained.

  • NFPA 8-3:  "All spary areas shall be kept free from the accumulation of deposits of combustible residues."
  • NFPA 8-4: "Maintenance procedures shall be established to ensure replacing overspray collector filters before excessive restriction to air flow occurs."
  • OSHA 1910-159 Cleaning:  "All spraying areas shall be kept free from the accumulation of deposits of combustible residues as practical, with cleaning conducted daily if necessary."

Proper maintenance is key to a spray booth's performance.  If a spray booth is allowed to operate without proper cleaning procedures, the percentage of escaped material increases and the quality of freshly painted materials decreases.  In time, this escapage will coat the inside of the exhaust stack and settle on the building roof and the surrounding area,. 

A regulation spray booth will not create a fire by itself.  All fires are set by faulty auxiliary equipment, carelessness, poor housekeeping, spark or heat producing equipment near the spray booth exhaust stack.

Cleaning an air filtration system is a dirty job, so it is often the "low man on the totem pole" in the shop that inherits the job - usually begrudgingly.  Therefore, carefully consider your investment in your spray booth and your desire for top quality work when it comes to your spray booth maintenance.

If booth maintenance isn't your thing, consider using BCI Equipment Specialists to maintain your spray booth.  BCI will send our highly trained technicians to your facility to inspect your spray booth filters, heat exchangers and booth, then perform whatever maintenance is necessary to keep the system in peak operating condition.  In fact, some spray booth manufacturers recommend using outside maintenance services, like BCI, because they are better trained to service the equipment properly. 

With each BCI maintenance visit, you will receive an updated computer printout stating the services performed on your spray booth.  This will assist you in tracking your spray booth service for government inspections.  Additionally, your spray booth will operate more cleanly and smoothly, giving you better quality results.

For a personalized spray booth maintenance program, please contact BCI.

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