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Curtain Walls

Separate & Maximize Useable Space

Create a retractable barrier for confining dust, dirt & contaminants as well as controlling heat and cold loss. Perfect for Industrial, Auto Body, Woodworking, & More!

BCI can maximize your usable space with curtain walls from Goffs.  There are curtain walls suitable to most applications including:

Body Shop Curtains
Create work stalls for prep, wash down, grinding and finishing. Goff's is the #1 manufacturer of body shop curtain walls.
Industrial Curtains
Custom made curtains to suit each specific application.
Welding Curtains
Block out 100% of UV light!
Roll-up Curtains
Save floor space and keep your curtains cleaner.
Outdoor and Super Exterior Curtains
Keep the weather out and control temperatures.
Aircraft Partitions
Application specific partitions made to order.

BCI can also supply other Goff's products such as doors, screens, strip doors and noise control walls.

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