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BCI carries a full line of frame equipment...for sporty convertibles to full size pick ups to the big rigs!  We proudly feature frame equipment from Chief Automotive Technologies, the best in the business and leader in Design Based Repair Systems.

For our full range of Chief equipment, contact BCI.






  • 22 feet L x 92" W - accommodates the largest passenger vehicles with room to spare
  • 10 ton towers w/Sure-Lock clamping system
  • 360-degree pulling anywhere around the deck perimeter
  • 12,000 lbs. lifting power, six variable working heights

Pound for pound, the best rack CHIEF has ever produced

  • Power and performance - value price
  • Six available models give you options and versatility
  • 360-degree pulling - even at the corners!
  • Self-leveling deck w/variable heights from 19" to 40"

Only CHIEF could offer you so much for so little!


  • 22 feet L x 88" W - suitable for SUV's and full frame vehicles
  • Four available models
  • Simultaneous multiple pulls to precisely reverse damage for faster, high quality repairs
  • 10 tons of pulling at the hook and 12,000 lbs. lift.

All the raw power you’ll ever need with the innovative and easy-to-use features Chief is famous for.

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