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For the most advanced measuring systems, BCI offers the Infinity 3D Laser Measuring System, designed from aerospace laser technology.

Infinity knows that insurance companies and customers are requiring greater accuracy, speed and cost effectivness.  With  a Bi-optic green laser, the Infinity system ensures longer-distance accuracy in a 360 range.  The color coded LEDs on each target provide you with a constant, real-time display of the damage and corrective action required at each measuring point in height, width and length.  Plus, a 3D visual structural deformation report can be generated in minutes.

Every Infinity system includes built in structural damage estimation software, Remote Assist, and one year's access to the Mitchell International Database for structural vehicle repair. 


The Infinity Product Range 


  • Entry Level Infinity System
  • Cabinet, 120V
  • 22 inch Monitor
  • Keyboard, Mouse
  • Printer
  • Magnets
  • Tripod
  • Scanner
  • 8 Targets
  • Mitchell Data (1st year included)


  • Mid Level Infinity System
  • Includes all from Blueprinter level PLUS:
  • Upper Body Tram
  • Upper Body Software
  • Support Bridge
  • 2 Additional Targets for a total of 10
  • Does not include Tripod

Elite XMS

  • Premium Level Infinity Measuring System
  • Includes all from Professional level PLUS:
  • Side Body Kit
  • Tripod
  • Bridge Spacers
  • 2 Additional Targets for a total of 12


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