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It's time to come clean - in a dust-free working environment!

You don't have to work in a dusty shop.  BCI can supply and install a Eurovac Dust Extraction System to suit your business.  The powerful turbine pump and cyclone remove dust and fine particulates at the source, ensuring a clean, healthier working environment as well as better results from your equipment.

BCI supplies and services a range of dust extraction/vacuum systems from economic portable systems to large, powerful central extraction systems.

Available from BCI and Eurovac:

• Source Capture Dust Extraction

• Auto Body Detailing Systems

• Vacuum Housekeeping

• Weld Source Capture

• Spraybooth Filters

• Vehicle Exhaust Extraction

• Industrial Source Capture Hand Tools

• Source Capture Welding - High Vacuum

Dust Collection Systems

• Industrial and Pharmaceutical Vacuum Housekeeping

• Source Capture Conversion Kits for existing tools



     BCI Features:

Eurovac I Central System

Eurovac III Centrifugal Multi-stage Pump System

High Volume Source Capture Stationary Equipment

  • 5 HP or 10 HP three phase induction motor and regenerative blowers

  • Removes 99.93% of sanding dust up to 1 micron

  • Little or no maintenance required

  • 4-6 technicians can work simultaneously

  • Maximum durabilty, no static electricity build up

  • 15 HP to 75 HP Multistage Centrifugal pumps

  • Ideal for large facilities with more than 6 technicians working at a time

  • Industrial grade - little to no maintenance

  • Constant vacuum

  • Custom engineered according to need

  • High volume dust and fume extraction
  • Ideal for welding, saws, routers, grinders and planers
  • Heavy duty welded construction
  • State-of-the-art filtration systems and pulse jet cleaning
  • Alternate filtration systems for specific applications

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