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For versatility, functionality and revolutionary design, BCI  features PRO SPOT welding systems.  Designed for higher quality, faster repairs, the PRO SPOT series of welding systems are the ideal choice any size shop.  Whether you need an entry -level welding system or an advanced system with on-board data logging, BCI has the PRO SPOT solution to fit.

Fast Welding Arm Changeover!

BCI's featured selections include:

NEW! Hybrid Spot
Battery Powered Resistance Spot Welder
Water-Cooled Inverter Spot Welding System w/optional Mig Welder PR-2000
Inverter Spot Welding System


  • 110V unit - No 220V or 3 Phase Required
  • A great alternative to hardwired units
  • Same features as other ProSpot welders
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • ProSpot quality
  • Made in USA



  • Never Obsolete - fully upgradable
  • 3000 OEM Repair Data Screens - Procedures built in
  • Detailed, accurate weld documentation
  • Designed for new advanced steels: AHSS, HSS, T.R.I.P., Boron
  • Current Sensing Technology
  • Double acting Spot Gun
  • X-Gun Adaptive
  • Spot Hammer and Dent Pulling
  • Optional Mig Welder


  • 2000Hz Inverter Spot Welder
  • Pre-programmed weld modes
  • Extension Arm System
  • Designed for new advanced steels
  • Two sided spot welding and single sided welding
  • Spot hammer dent pulling
  • Washer, nut and bolt welding
  • Training on-board
  • Multiple languages
  • Upgrade to PR-155 Mig welder

Aluminum Weld Station


  • Portable welding cart
  • Pro Spot AL-5 capacitor discharge stud welder
  • Designed for Aluminum dent pulling and welding UHSS panels
  • Pull bar for aluminum and steel dent pulling
  • Folding work table to hold larger part such as fenders and hoods
  • Sliding drawer for convenient storage

Pro Spot welding equipment is approved by Toyota, Lexus, DaimlerChrysler, GM Nissan, Volvo, Volkswagen, Mazda, Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, KIA, Audi, SAAB, Infiniti, Isuzu, Daewoo and others.

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