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CELETTE is the worldwide leader of the "Zero Tolerance" dedicated bench systems, Frame Machine, Universal Jigs and model specific fixture sets - Dedicated Jigs. What makes them uniquely placed as the worldwide leader for collision repair is their 60+ years of experience and strong relationships with OEMs.


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Sevenne XL

Extra long mobile bench on wheels

Extended length bench on wheels is specially designed for repairing larger commercial vehicles. The key feature of this bench allows to position under a 2-post lift for loading and to easily move between work bays. The 5.8 m (19 ft) length is suitable for light trucks and commercial vehicles. The universal peripheral frame enables quick anchoring; adjustment of the clamps, wheels, transport handle; and multi-function supports

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Smart Rhone

SMART RHONE is a multipurpose bench designed to handle all kind of LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY collision repair.

The most unique feature of SMART RHONE is “QUICK ANCHORING” the vehicle can be anchored and ready to perform pulling operation in less than 15 MINUTES.

Compatible with 3D electronic measuring system NAJA 3D & EAGLE 3D.

SMART RHONE is first of its kind which can also accommodate dedicated jig (MZ+ system) & Universal adaptive jig system Cameleon.

SMART RHONE offers the extreme flexible repair solution to the technician and enhance body-shop productivity.

With 3500 KG lifting capacity along with 1300 mm lifting height the SMART RHONE is versatile to all kind of vehicle in its segment.


X-Trac Standard:

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Lifting and Pulling Platform

Lifting and pulling platform – Recommended for light and medium repair

X-TRAC is a lifting platform specially designed for light and medium repairs. Once the vehicle is positioned on the platform, it can be easily and rapidly lifted up by the wheels in order to enable the technician to get access to the anchoring points. X-TRAC has a secondary function, which can be used as a scissor lift for Sevenne Bench.

The Sevenne bench on wheels can be maneuver comfortably to the desired lifting height.

In the event of structural component replacement, X-TRAC facilitates comfortable lifting height for Zinc primer application, Adhesive bonding, Rivetting and easy inspection.

X-TRAC provides a better working height during cutting and welding applications while the car is benched
on Sevenne.

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Electronic Measuring Systems:

Naja 3D

Computerized measuring system for check and repair

3D Electronic measuring system is one of the worlds most advanced and user-friendly measuring system in this industry. Celette has been well known for its constant endeavours to provide the best in class collision repair systems and diagnostic equipment to the car manufacturers and to the end user. We not only provide equipments but also offer technical solutions.

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3D Electronic measuring system

High Definition Laser:
Shoots the target in milliseconds and the measuring results are displayed in the software.
The All new 3D Laser measurement system with self-learning user interface.
The car body measurement can be carried out much more accurately with laser measurement system, compared to traditional technology.

Online 3D software for vehicle database
Wireless connectivity between laser and gun, targets and software- wifi technology
Unlike traditional technology – Eagle does not require reference points measurement
Levelling of the vehicle is not required in Eagle – PATENT TECHNOLOGY
Ideal for insurance diagnosis report – Complete vehicle body measurement in less than 10 minutes
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 MM.
Original data from EOM


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